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About Deb &

The Stellar Life Project

I am passionate about helping people discover what they are capable of doing and becoming.

Combining 15+ years of teaching experience as an IB English and Theory of Knowledge teacher and 6+ years as a successful business owner and award winning realtor with my CTI coaching training, I am here to help you create the life and business you desire.

The Stellar Life Project was inspired by my own journey of self discovery. So, let me tell you about me and how I ended up here. 

I had arrived. I had a stable income doing a job I loved as a high school English teacher. I was operating squarely in my zone of genius inspiring students to stretch themselves to see what they could achieve. As I write this I recall with a smile the deep satisfaction I got from working with students and the pure delight I experienced bearing witness to their discoveries of the world and of themselves. But I digress. Back to the story.

Facilitating an International Women’s Day Event at Hervana Vancouver

Facilitating an International Women’s Day Event at Hervana Vancouver


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