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About Deb &

The Stellar Life Project

I am passionate about helping people discover what’s possible as they explore what they are capable of doing and becoming.

I know transition and transformation. I have done a lot of it. Some by choice, some by necessity. Here's my story in a nutshell:

I was an entrepreneur before I knew what that word meant. I just thought I was lazy because I didn't have a "real job"!

I became a teacher and taught IB English and Theory of Knowledge for 15 years. I loved being a teacher. I was living in my Zone of Genius for sure.

Then, a minor car accident led to a major life change and I found Real Estate. I discovered how much I love running my own business and I rocked Real Estate. After, 7 years of success as a Realtor and multiple awards, I had a nagging feeling I wasn't fully living my life's purpose.

The Stellar Life Project was inspired by my own journey of self discovery. What started as a blog, for the purpose of self expression, soon became a full on coaching and consulting business.

Facilitating an International Women’s Day Event at Hervana Vancouver

Facilitating an International Women’s Day Event at Hervana Vancouver


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