Success on Your Terms

Jun 11, 2024 | Uncategorized

I know realtors and mortgage brokers with million dollar businesses as well as those just getting started. And many are sharing about the strange conditions of the current market and how slow clients are to make decisions right now.

The lingering effects of the pandemic, combined with the current global uncertainty have likely contributed to this situation.

However, I want to share some advice that has helped many service-based sales professionals in similar situations create more clients and grow their businesses. Because, regardless of what is going on in the world or the market, there are still people out there who need YOUR help.

So let’s get back to the basics of my daily non-negotiables for client creation:

Grow Your Audience – get out there and meet new people. Go to networking events, join a team, take a class, hold a seminar or open house. Of course you can grow an online audience too, but there is nothing as powerful as a real face to face connection.

Nurture your audience: Focus on serving your clients, past and present. Ask yourself: what do your current and past clients need today? Every morning ask “Who would I love to speak to today?” Then find a way to give them value and make their day!

Invite people to conversations: As a service based sales professional, you are in the business of conversations. So find a way to offer people a conversation with you that will leave them feeling like they got so much value from speaking with you. This is how you show them you can be trusted to serve them when they need your help.

Ask for referrals: Regularly request referrals from your best clients to expand your reach and attract new prospects. Remember, in uncertain times, the solution is not certainty but creativity. When everyone else goes high-tech, you stand out by going high-touch.

Track your progress: Use The Aligned and Prosperous Entrepreneur Framework (grow, nurture, connect, invite, create, receive ) to track your activities and income. Monitor how many conversations turn into active clients who trust you to help them achieve their real estate goals.

I believe in the power of the basics and I believe in your power to create an aligned and prosperous business and life. You’ve got this!


PS: Want support, getting back to and mastering the basics? I can help. Ask me how.