Hi! I'm Deb

Welcome to the Stellar Life Project!  I am so glad you are here! Let me tell you about me and how I ended up here. 

I had arrived. I had a stable income doing a job I loved as a high school English teacher. I had a great marriage and a happy family. I was fit and healthy. We lived in a beautiful home. I was happy. 

Then a minor motor vehicle accident, that didn’t seem much more than an inconvenience at the time, turned my world upside down. It turns out soft tissue damage on the right clavicle (that part around your collar bone) makes it really difficult to do all the writing required for grading papers.

After 3 years of living with chronic pain, I had to face the fact that I wasn't having fun any more and it was time for a change.

It was not an easy decision.  There was much grieving and a serious case of identity crisis. I didn't "do" teaching as a job. I was a teacher. I am still a teacher. 

I chose to be an English teacher because I love books and words. I have a master's degree in English literature. So, basically, I took my interest and turned it into a career. That is usually a good place to start to guarantee job satisfaction. 

When I decided it was time to leave teaching, I looked for other interests and landed on real estate. My husband and I like to move. We had bought and sold several homes in the course of our marriage and the last time we had moved (a few months before the accident), our realtor said to me "You'd be a great Realtor". I thanked her for the compliment, but didn't give it another though until 3 years later when I was looking for something to do that interested me. 

Turns out she was right. I am a good realtor. I have built a successful real estate practice at RE/MAX Select Realty in Vancouver and I really enjoy helping people through the process of buying and selling homes. What I like most about real estate is helping people who are in transition. It takes a great deal of courage to change our lives, whether it's buying for the first time, or selling for the 5th time.

Change is not easy and I admire the courage of people who are willing to make a change in their lives. I  love helping people navigate through the fear and doubt and excitement that often accompanies big changes. 

This brings us back to why I am here. I really believe when we embrace change and growth, we expand into the best version of ourselves and when we allow ourselves to expand we not only experience great personal fulfillment, we also can't help but inspire others around us to do the same.

When I started on the path of entrepreneurship, I had no idea what I was in for. The entrepreneur's journey is a spiritual journey and you really have to deal with your shit if you are going to get out of your own way and be open to the abundance and success that is available to you. 

The Stellar Life Project is my personal challenge to myself to step out of my comfort zone and give voice to the ideas I want to share with others. I am still a teacher and I feel compelled to share what I have learned in my life and on my adventure as an entrepreneur. So, here we are.  I hope you will find inspiration here that will assist you in your own efforts to expand and be stellar!