Be Visible!

Jun 21, 2024 | Uncategorized

If you are in service based sales, lack of visibility is not an option.

Last week, one of the realtors in my high-level mastermind group asked me what I did specifically to grow a multiple six figure real estate business. Here’s the short answer I gave her: Conversations

The slightly longer answer is: I got out there and put myself in situations where I would have opportunities to build relationships that would lead to people, knowing, liking, and trusting me. I did open houses, (which at first I thought were a waste of time, but soon became my #1 source if business), I connected with people I already knew to let them know what I was up to, I joined networking communities, I had coffee dates, I talked about real estate with anyone and everyone, including the women in the dance fitness classes I was instructing.

My very first transaction as a realtor was with someone I met in a networking group and my next two were with professors from my masters degree program, the next was someone from the dance fitness class I led and on it went.

Simply put, I made it my business to be in the business of conversations and that opened up opportunities to serve people in my real estate business.

The same client who asked me how I did it, shared that her main source of business for the past 12 years has been referrals. Which is awesome, because it means she has been sharing what she does with her closest sphere. And relying solely on referrals is not exactly the most proactive approach to growing your real estate business. She also confessed that she felt like a secret agent because there are a lot of people she comes into contact with who don’t know she is a realtor. For example, the members of a fitness class she leads once a week had no idea that being a fitness instructor is something she does for fun and fitness and is not her main job.

I challenged her to announce to her class that she’s a REALTOR. Of course, she accepted the challenge because she is committed to growing both personally and professionally and creating a business that makes her more money and frees up time for her personal pursuits.

We took some time to wordsmith how she could introduce the fact that she is a realtor in a subtle, classy way with out coming across as “salesy”. (By the way, that’s the sort of thing we do in my coaching programs all the time. Because small tweaks to language can lead to massive results). After the fitness class, someone came up to her and asked for help selling his house! While it doesn’t always happen that quickly when we share what we do, it often can. But it most certainly won’t happen that quickly if people never know know what you do!

By the way, this client is not a brand new REALTOR. She has run a money making business for many years. She’s now at point where she wants to leverage the success she has so that she can be making more money in less time. And she knows that she’s been leaving money on the table by being a secret agent in some areas of her life. So she is committing to leaving her secret agent status behind and being more visible.

If you’re a service space, sales professional, the most important thing that you can do to grow your business is to be visible so you can get into conversations with people that will lead you to opportunities to be of service to them.

So, how about you? Where are you being a secret agent? Are you willing to be more visible?.

in support of your visibility, because the world needs you and your unique gifts not to be a secret!