Make a Grand Entrance!

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I love the characters from the BBC series Absolutely Fabulous, almost as much as I love flamingos! (here’s another time when a flamingo emoji would be useful ;-) )

In the 90s, the conversations between me and my BFF, Karen, were peppered with lines from these fabulous characters because we had binged watched the entire series (several times) and we knew most of the great lines by heart! We even drew parallels between ourselves and Eddy and Patsy. I was Eddy because I had the disapproving daughter who was always (and often still is) rolling her eyes at our antics.

We were definitely not as wild as the Ab Fab characters, but therein lay the appeal. I believe that many women who watched Ab Fab admired these women. Not because they are great role models! Quite the opposite in fact. But despite their decadence and recklessness, or perhaps because of it, they won our hearts. Maybe it was because they were messy and ridiculous and made us feel our lives could be a little more fabulous too. They were uncensored, unfiltered and imperfect. And we admired them for it. Because they were having fun and because they were bold and fun and not afraid to make a grand entrance!

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How about you? Are you willing to make a grand entrance in your own life? You ARE the star ⭐️ of your absolutely fabulous life story!

 It’s time to STOP letting other people’s stories define who you are and what you do with your life. 

You get to show up as whoever you want to be. Who do you want to be?

Ok. Now, make a grand entrance!

If you are suffering from stage fright in your own life, don’t wait another day to do something about it! 

Flex  your confidence muscle! You are not alone. Everyone feels unsure sometimes. The difference between the ones who seem brave and the ones who are afraid  is ACTION. 

Set an intention and step into the spotlight. Any one who has done it will tell you, the more you do it, the easier it gets. I was nervous about starting this blog. But now that I am in my spotlight, I am feeling fabulous, darling!

Sweetie, Darling! Honour who you are and where you are at today because you are already fabulously stellar!  But consider what a grand entrance looks like for you. Maybe it’s colouring your hair pink. Maybe it’s buying the red coat instead of the black one. Maybe it’s starting a new business. Maybe it’s singing up for that course that will help you get the promotion you want. Maybe it’s booking an appointment with a personal trainer. Maybe it’s asking your crush on a date. Maybe . . . well you get the picture.

If you are feeling stuck and don’t know where to go or what to do next, ask your self “if I were feeling confident, what would I do right now?” Then go do it! Make that your grand entrance!

If you are still stuck, get help! Talk to a friend. Ask me about my favourite books for building confidence and adjusting mindset habits. Book a break through session with me! Do something! Anything! Just step into your spotlight, Darling! Because you will be Absolutely Fabulous when you are absolutely being your stellar self!  

⭐️You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole!

⭐️ You are already stellar!

⭐️ You’ve got this!

⭐️ All you have to do next is show up!

⭐️ Make your grand entrance!
Sharing this message is one of the ways I am stepping into my spot light. I am passionate about inspiring others to live a stellar life and I believe the best way to inspire others is to take risks and expand by being willing to lead the way. That’s what the Stellar Life Project is all about. ⭐️

Ready to step into the spotlight and start your own Stellar Life Project?  Join the Stellar Life Collective on Facebook and on MeetUp.⭐️


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Deb Stellingwerff