My Outer Space Book Collection (and some gift ideas for you)


You may be surprised to know I haven’t got a new book for you this month. It’s not that I haven’t read anything new lately. I just really wanted to dedicate the December book column to my top 3 from this year. In fact, these books may be my top three of all time. I have already read or listened to them all more than once this year! And if I had to get on a space ship right now and head out to form a colony on Mars with only three books, I would take these three with me!

(Well, I would somehow get the complete works of Shakespeare on board too! Really. I have it all worked out. But, that’s another story.) 

Aside from being useful for colonizing a distant planet, any of these books would make great gifts for the readers and learning junkies on your list. 

The Big Leap, as I mentioned in an earlier post, has impacted me in a way no other book ever has or probably ever will. It completely opened my eyes to some habits of thought that were holding me back and gave me strategies that I now use every day to make sure I am living my best life! 

Smarter, Faster, Better, by Charles Duhigg has helped me to work more effectively and efficiently by making mental models. It has also helped me improve my ability to visualize the future I am working to create for me and my family. 

Dare to Lead,the latest in a series of amazing and life changing books by Brene Brown, is helping me to be a better leader in all areas of my life and business. It should be required reading for anyone who is or wants to be in a leadership role. 


Repetition is key to learning, so I know I will keep reading these books until I really feel like I have become the person I see I can be within their pages. But, I am also looking for new things it read in 2019; so, please send your recommendations to me! If you are in the Vancouver area, come join us for the Stellar Life Book Club for Busy People on the 3rd Thursday of each month.



Deb Stellingwerff