Do Something Scary! Skydiving Optional

Sky Diving Optional!

Sky Diving Optional!

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you are spinning your wheels? You know, that feeling like you aren’t quite where you should be? Like you aren’t quite doing everything you could be doing?


I had been in Real Estate for 4 years and I was doing well. I had set some lofty goals for myself and I had reached them. I had achieved a level of financial success I had never experienced before. I was invited to be a part of an elite mastermind group of high producing agents. I had reached my goals. And yet I didn’t “feel” successful. When I look back at that time with the insights I found in Gay Hendrick’s book The Big Leap, I can see that I had come up against an Upper Limit Problem AND I was not fully living in my zone of genius.


What I have learned is that when I am not fully living in my zone of genius,  I don’t feel successful no matter how much money I am making or how many prestigious groups I am a part of or how many awards I receive. So it is little wonder that fell into a depression. I made excuses for it: I was burnt out, I had low iron, I was experience peri-menopause. On and on.


At the time, one of my mentors said to me that I should do something that scares me and that would make me feel better. The only thing I could think of at the time was jumping out of a plane. So, I went home and told my husband we were going to jump out of a plane. He gave me his trademark patient look and said, “No, thanks.” I urged, “We need to do something that scares us in order to shake ourselves up and really live!” Then he asked, “Do you really want to jump out of a plane?” “Well of course not!” I blurted out. “But I have to do something!” Then he reminded me


The value in the goal is not the goal but the purpose it serves. (Ya, he’s smart that way.)


Starting this blog was something scary for me. And it serves a much better purpose for me than jumping out of a plane!

I have nothing against jumping out of a plane as a goal if it is going to serve you or make you happy in some way. I just realized I no longer need to do it. (Side note: if jumping out of a plane is on your list, do it before you have kids! That feeling of being responsible for another human being is what stopped me from doing it when I still felt like it would be something fun.)

Is there something scary you have been avoiding that if you were to do it would place you more securely in your zone of genius? Sometimes this means a radical career change. Sometimes it just means adding something to your life that fulfills you. A creative outlet. Volunteering. Anything that works for you. Is there a relationship you need to re-design? That can be scary! Is there a decision you need to make? I urge you to take the leap. Freedom, the kind of freedom that can only come from the expansion we experience by stepping out of our comfort zone and shaking up the status quo, is waiting on the other side for you!

Thanks for reading this far. It means the world to me to have your support. Until next time, remember you are already stellar!




Deb Stellingwerff