My BIG LEAP: A life changing encounter


I read a lot.  And every book I have ever met has added to my experience of the world; but as I read The Big Leap and read about the Upper Limit Problem, The Wonder Questions, The Zone of Genius and the Ultimate Success Mantra, I started to see the my world differently.


I realized if I was going to experience lasting change that I desired, I would have to take some time to really work through the questions and ideas in this book. I have since read it several times and listened to the audio book several more times. I have journaled and meditated on the questions and I have intentionally incorporated the thought practices throughout my days. 


When I committed to studying the concepts in this book and implementing the ideas into my life, I never imagined it would lead me here! When I first cracked open the book earlier this year, starting a blog and a youtube channel were not even in the back of my mind. But working through the section on discovering your zone of genius and then committing to spend more time there, led me to this moment. I currently run a successful real estate practice. Before that, I was an English teacher for 15 years. Teaching and writing have always been in my sweet spot. For more on that, check out the about me section at


I am a self diagnosed learning junkie. I love learning about how things and people work. And once I have learned something, I am compelled to share it. I suppose that is a good definition of a teacher. I have learned so much in the years since I left the comfortable world of academia to become an entrepreneur and I want to share what I have learned in hopes of inspiring others, or at the very least saving them some time!


So, that’s how we got here.

The Stellar Life Project is about learning to live with imperfection while expanding to our full potential and inspiring others to do the same. 

If that sounds like something you can get on board with,  check out the events page to find out more about our MeetUp group The Stellar Life Biz Collective.


So, back to my original question: Have you ever had a life changing experience with a book? Tell me about in the comments below because I definitely want to read that book!


I am so excited to be launching my Stellar Life Project and I hope you'll be inspired to expand with me!



Deb Stellingwerff