What's with the flamingos?

You know those stories your parents tell you about how you acted when you were a young child? Those stories that are fascinating because you have no memories of your own to corroborate the information you are hearing even though it is about you? 

One of the stories I loved to hear was about the phase I went through when I was a toddler fascinated with flamingos. I recall asking my mom often to recount how I used to pretend I was a flamingo. As an older child, it delighted me to hear her tell how she'd be walking down the street with me and suddenly she would realize I was no longer at her side and then she'd look back to see me standing stock still with one leg up like a flamingo. 

Though I have no memory of actually doing the flamingo impersonation since I was so young, the associations with flamingos have always been pleasant for me because they remind me of this special memory I share wth my mom and because they evoke a sense of wonder at the freedom we have as children to just enjoy the things that delight us.

Recently, I realized I have been taking everything too seriously for far too long and I decided it was time to get serious about having more fun! Around the same time I found a 2 1/2 foot high flamingo at Urban Barn and decided he would be a good reminder to me to just chill out and have some fun. So I took him home and called him Floyd. 

Ray was less than impressed! Floyd is a bit of a departure from our modern minimalist home decor style. But when I told Ray, who is a music aficionado, that his name was Pink Floyd, he admitted to liking him a tiny bit better and allowed that he could stay (for the summer!). 

Since then, I started sharing flamingo images with my #JustforfunFriday Instagram posts. I am trying to cultivate a habit of playfulness and fun for myself and I hoping to cause a smile or two for others along the way. I still forget to have fun much of the time. And sometimes I am not inspired to post anything on a Friday. But it's a process to change habits of thought and behaviour so I am being kind to myself and enjoying that every time I walk into our living room, I am surprised by the pinkness of Floyd against the black and white of our living room and he makes me smile. And that is fun :) 

Do you have a story or an animal that reminds you to let your inner child out to play? I'd love to hear about it; maybe your animal and Floyd will be friends ;) 


floyd bw.jpg


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Deb Stellingwerff