Are you willing to honour yourself?

Today’s Wednesday Wonder Question for you to ask yourself is: Am I willing to honour myself?

Most people say yes to this. Or, at least, want to say yes.

And here’s the thing: Honouring yourself is the key  to EVERYTHING!

When you honour yourself, by honouring your values, by honouring your time, by honouring your health, you will find that you are in harmony with your purpose, which in my opinion is to be the best you that you can be.

If not now, when?

If not now, when?

AND, you will be better equipped to be in service to others as you bring your life’s work into the world.

Where are you not currently honouring yourself?

Are you willing to make a change so you can start honouring yourself more?


I know where you just went. You went to the HOW.

You said to yourself, “Sure, I am willing to honour myself, BUT I just don’t have time for anything else in my life right now.

What if I told you, choosing to honour yourself will open pathways that you currently aren’t seeing?

It’s true.

Small choices for yourself can lead to big changes in all areas of your life.

If you need help honouring yourself because you have forgotten how, book a FREE 30 minute breakthrough session with me and I guarantee you will leave the session with insight and an easy to implement forward action strategy!

You may have forgotten this truth, but I want you to know YOU ARE ALREADY STELLAR!

Need help remembering or believing that? Reach out. I know you are already stellar and I want you to know it too!

Be stellar!


Deb Stellingwerff