Clearing Space for New Things

Jul 5, 2024 | Uncategorized

I got a new sofa! It’s a luxurious sapphire blue velvet number. I am very delighted with it! 

And in order to make space for it, I had to clear out the old sofa.

There were a few days between when the old one was picked up and the new one delivered. During that time, I noticed how unsettling it was to see the empty living room. I was very aware of my survival brain looking for familiarity. And, because I think about these sorts of things all the time, I asked myself what about it was disturbing.

There were a few things that came up: letting go of the old sofa was a symbolic letting go of the familiar and the comfortable. I still liked that old sofa, I had chosen it 12 years ago because it suited the space perfectly, but it had to go because it held too many associations with a part of my life that is now over. Even though I had decided that clearing the old sofa was the right thing to do, I still found the empty space disconcerting.

Even when we know that clearing out the old to welcome in the new is the only way to upgrade, it can be challenging in life and in business to let go of the familiar and the comfortable and to be in that in-between space of emptiness after you let go of one thing and before the next arrives.

And it is the only way. When you want something better, whether in life or business, you will need to be willing to make space by clearing out whatever is in the way of you stepping up to that next level identity.

It might be something material like a sofa or a home.

It might be something practical, like letting go of ways of operating in your business that are inefficient and ineffective.

It could be a habit that isn’t serving you, like scrolling to reduce stress, .

Or it could be a relationship that is keeping you in a low vibe, like a team member or assistant who isn’t showing up how you need them to.

Or it could be a money belief about what you are allowed or not allowed to have.

Take a moment to think about it . . .

What do you want? Like really want?

What is getting in the way of you having that?

If you are really committed to having what you want and are willing to make the necessary sacrifice of letting go of the old “sofa” to get it, I’ve got something for you that can help you experience the mindset shifts necessary to release the old and make space for the new.

I created the Empowered Money Beliefs for Your Real Estate Business e-book just for you. Inside you will find 50 Done-for-You money beliefs to help you embrace a new story that supports your desires to create a profitable business in a way that is aligned for you. You can get your free copy here: Empowered Money Beliefs E-book.

In support,

Deb 💖