Success only looks like luck to those not willing to do the work

Apr 12, 2024 | Uncategorized

I overheard a conversation yesterday where an entrepreneur was justifying his lack of production to his team leader by saying he’d had bad luck for the past year. It’s clear this person has a belief that his success is a matter of chance and he has little control over the outcomes he achieves or doesn’t achieve.

Unfortunately, this person wasn’t a client of mine so I couldn’t jump in and offer to help reprogram that thinking for him, but I can share my thoughts with you in hopes that what I share will help you if you’re stuck with this limiting belief that success is based on luck.

You might be asking why today’s Wonder question is “are you willing to be lucky?” if I’m telling you that success isn’t a byproduct of luck.

While I firmly believe that the kind of luck that relies on forces outside of our control is not a great way to run your business, I do believe in conscious luck.

Dr. Gay Hendricks talks about conscious luck in his book of the same title. The theme of the book, which I am sure you have already guessed, is that we are responsible for creating our own luck.

Conscious luck is an alignment of internal thoughts and energy with external actions. In other words, what appears as luck to someone like the guy I mentioned above isn’t really luck at all.

Conscious luck is what you experience when you are actively engaging and co-creating with the energetic forces of the Universe by showing up and doing your part.

What does it look like to show up and do your part? It means dismantling limiting beliefs that have you giving your power away to forces outside of your control: The market. Luck. The firm or brokerage you are at. Your family of origin. Your gender. Etc. It also means committing to mastering the skills and mindset you need to be successful in your business.

When you decide to participate in the process of conscious luck you will begin to experience the success you desire as you begin to embody the truth about success:

The success you experience in business is in direct correlation to the time, energy and resources you put into mastering sales skills, leadership skills, and your mindset while you take consistent, inspired, and intentional action.

When you are willing to do those things, you will get the results you are longing for. Odds are others might see you as lucky, you may even feel lucky, but you will also know, it wasn’t dumb, blind luck, it was you consciously creating your luck by showing up for yourself and doing your part.

I see too many real estate and finance professionals skip over the part where they master their skills and mindset and then they blame their lack of results on bad luck while their business is a constant source of stress instead of a supportive source of income and satisfaction. Don’t let that be you.

Ready to invest some time, energy and resources into creating your own conscious luck? Let’s talk.