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Deb is the first coach that I’ve experienced, who is able to bridge intuition and spirituality with the logistics of running a modern day business. So for me, that really aligned and it was something essential. I haven’t really experienced that with any other life or business coaches before. Working with Deb has helped me balance my personal life, and time for the people who matter, with growing my business and bank account to levels I hadn’t thought possible without major personal sacrifice.


Toni Sing – Co-Owner Bel-Air Realty. Co-host In the House Podcast, Medallion Club Member

Deb is really good at unraveling tangled thoughts to help you gain clarity about what is important. Working with Deb helped me give myself permission to have what I wanted and the confidence to go get it. She also helped me develop the tools and mindset to set boundaries which means I have completely changed how I make commitments and manage my time. I am in the habit of thinking differently about how things consume my time and mental space, so it’s much easier to release those things before I find myself in overwhelm. And I now have room for all the things that excite me!


Tracey Lundell – Senior Investment Advisor

I feel like a new person after having Deb as my coach. I was brand new in Real Estate when I started working with Deb. After a year of working with her, I am more confident in my leadership and I have created a business that allows me to have a balanced life and make money. I have systems in place to support me and business is coming easily and organically for me. And I surpassed my 6 figure income goal by 50%!


Liz Tucker – REALTOR, Whistler Real Estate

Deborah is an amazing and one-of-a-kind business and personal coach. She has helped me to embody a more feminine leadership style and to create healthy boundaries that support me as well as the people I work with. I have become more confident in listening to and trusting my intuition and I now live by Deb’s philosophy of Agreements vs Expectations. If optimizing your personal and professional growth is a priority for you, having Deb as your coach will help you achieve those goals.


Jenny Wun – REALTOR, Oakwyn Realty NW

One of the reasons I wanted to work with Deb was because of her intimate knowledge of the real estate industry. It was very valuable to have someone who could speak the same language and help streamline my processes with her first hand knowledge. During our time together, I had a lot of great takeaways- both personally and professionally. I really appreciated the holistic approach that Deb took with her coaching, which allowed for multi dimensional growth. Thanks Deb!


Niki Snow – REALTOR, Oakwyn Realty NW

I first started working with Deb less than a month into my entrepreneurial journey. I had a number of goals in mind for my first year, that I would have been extremely pleased to hit, and Deb challenged me to think bigger and set goals that would truly excite me. Through Deb’s guidance and challenges in under a year since starting, I exceeded those goals. I’m now focusing on how to build and grow my team to tackle the opportunities ahead. Deb’s coaching has given me the mindset and skillset to be successful in the entrepreneurial world. The first years of starting up were stressful, but through Deb’s constant support and coaching, I went from overly focusing on cash flow to seeing it as an opportunity to drive my focus on business development. I couldn’t be happier with her coaching and would highly recommend speaking to Deb if you want to take your business to the next level or just have more fun as an entrepreneur.


Jeff Waters – Waters Development Management

Deb is astute and intuitive about what serves her clients. Her knowledge and experience in real estate was paramount for me in hiring Deb as my coach. Because of her experience in real estate sales, she knew exactly what I was saying and where I was coming from. And even more important, she understood where I needed to be based on my experience and what I was sharing with her. I am so proud of how I am now able to show up for my clients and the results that they are experiencing because of the work I have done with Deb to be a better leader.

Before working with Deb, I had tried other real estate coaching but I never found someone like Deb who had the ability to look at the big picture of my life and business and link it to the context of the specific market I work in. Their coaching was based solely on numbers. Deb provided me with a focus on my numbers that made sense to me and was implementable in my business and in my market.


Diane Kunic-Grandjean – REALTOR, Keller Williams

It was as though Deb knew me my whole life; always on my team, cheering me on for ultimate success. During our sessions she made me feel safe, empowered and capable; and she was available anytime I needed a coaching boost or to work through a challenge. She supported me to push limits I’d put on myself over the years; She’s a master in going beneath the surface to uncover what’s truly at play. I feel she does this thanks to an innate ability to see a person’s true potential, and draws on her skillset to find the right approach suited to each client. Since working with Deb, I’ve maintained a leader mindset, motivated my team to ask ‘what does done look like’ and most importantly, unlocked my own potential, personally and professionally. In many situations I ask ‘what would Deb suggest’, so I know her guidance continues to shape my thinking and problem solving skills. Anyone looking to make a meaningful difference in their life should have at least one conversation with Deb. If you’re not moved, changed and inspired by that experience I’d be very surprised!


Patti Glass – Director of Marketing

When I first met Deb, I was looking for the next step to take in my life and career. I knew I wanted a change, but I didn’t know what that change should be. When I started working with Deb, it astonished me how quickly I knew exactly what my next step is and what I’m supposed to be focusing on. I gained so much clarity and with Deb’s support and guidance, I allowed myself to think bigger than I ever would otherwise. She provided me with a safe space to explore, and she challenged me to go beyond my limits into the world of the uncomfortable, but that is where the real magic happens. I see myself now in a completely different light. There is no end to what I can achieve. Because Deb believed in me, I now believe in myself. During my time working with Deborah, I went from a rookie-coach to opening my own business and working with numerous clients 1:1, facilitating workshops and much much more. I grew as a coach, I grew as a person. I never before had this much confidence and life satisfaction. Deb is a wonderful guide and a very skilled and intuitive coach. I appreciated how she would bring my attention to my blind spots and created opportunities for me to challenge my patterns and behaviours that were not serving me but only causing distraction and confusion. Removing those one by one left a clear way for me to move forward and create a life that I joyfully wake up to every day. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level, you should definitely connect with Deborah, you will not regret it!


Katja Trmcic – Personal Success Coach

Deborah ultimately digs to the core of issues and quickly reads out block and limitations and helps me move past them. Working with Deborah made me feel true to myself and more powerful than I ever thought possible which has resulted in progress I had not imagined before. She pushed my limitations and as a result I am more confident and have found new levels of self-respect. She was supportive no matter what happened at work and in my personal life and helped me see different perspectives on challenging experiences. As a result I have learned to find peace in the small things and return to my senses to be centered in my daily experiences. Deborah also helped me improve my communication which has helped me to become a better leader and have better relationships. I recommend working with Deborah when you want to push your comfort zone or get away from engraved habits that ultimately limit the enjoyment of life. Deborah is gentle but expects hard work and commitment. Be ready


Michael Eden – Construction Consultant

When I started working with Deb, I was in a funk. I was constantly being hijacked by self-sabotaging thoughts. It was a stressful way to live. After coaching with Deb, I am more in control of my thoughts and actions and I am having more fun! With Deb’s help I have developed systems and new skills that are allowing me to grow my business in a way that helps me to have more flow and more down time to relax. From a lifestyle and income level, the past couple of years while I have been working with Deb, have been the best in my 12 year Real Estate career.


Sandra Ens – Realtor

After working with Deb, I have more clarity than ever before about what is important to me and that helps me make decisions about how I spend my time. Deb has also helped me to change thoughts that were causing me stress and sabotaging my success. I am the one driving the bus now in my life and my business and my increase in income and overall peace of mind are proof! I LOVE this more positive, successful, and stronger version of myself looking back at me!


Parveen Sandhu – Realtor

Deborah is an amazing and truly gifted coach. She has helped me quickly make significant positive changes in my business. We co-created a system for evaluating project opportunities as they come up. Also, Deb regularly helps me re-frame challenges in my business into opportunities. I have also benefited from several excellent connections that Deb has generously made for me. I really appreciate her method for helping me create a powerful “why” statement about my business, too. I highly recommend you invest in your business by engaging Deb!


Flora Gordon – Graphic Designer

Deb’s coaching is my best experience so far and I have been working with her for two years. She is the one who listens first and guides you based on your deep need. With her help, I am able to find my mission and work towards it. She is such a good observer that she always finds out my hidden problems and gives good advice. I highly recommend Deb if you think you have reached the ceiling of your career or if you only want to be more productive, positive, and happy.


Michael Hu – Realtor