Tired of Business Feeling Hard?

May 9, 2024 | Uncategorized

When I first started my real estate business 12 years ago – it was an exciting time with so many promises of freedom and possibility. I remember an instructor in the post licensing class told us that 70% of licensees did not make it past the first 2 years. I was determined to be one of the 30% who succeeded and actually created a profitable real estate business. And, so, I did.

I earned over 6 figures in my first year and then I more than doubled my income in the years that followed. Over the years I have watched so many people come and go from the real estate profession.

  • I’ve watched colleagues grow their businesses in ways that still inspire me.
  • I’ve watched colleagues work for other businesses temporarily to close the gaps during a challenging business season.
  • I’ve watched others close their businesses for good because entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone.

The reality is the vast majority of businesses don’t succeed because there are so many variables that go into creating something that works so if you’re struggling or it feels like it’s A LOT – that’s because IT IS!  There is NO easy button.  Although more ease can be part of the plan!

You have to show up and do the work. AND it doesn’t have to feel hard.

I spoke with someone today who told me that her mentor was pushing her to do things that just didn’t feel aligned. Let’s get one thing clear: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL YOUR SOUL TO BE SUCCESSFUL in your business. YOU DO HAVE TO take the time to level up your mindset and skillset so you can be the kind of person who creates a business you enjoy that also supports a life you love.

The mindset shift can start when you allow your business to be easy by giving yourself permission to not do it all on your own. The key to my success in my real estate career was not just that I was determined and driven. I was successful because I sought out and accepted support. I even paid for it in the form of coaching.

It didn’t make sense for me to pay for coaching when I wasn’t making any money, but when I shared my fear with my mom, she asked me a question that helped me see what I needed to do. She asked, “You invested in training for your previous career (as a teacher), why wouldn’t you invest in this one?”

Too many real estate and finance professionals fumble around in the dark on their own trying to figure out how to run their business in a way that works for them that allows them to create the life they want. It’s totally ok to do it this way, but I can tell you from experience that it doesn’t have to be this hard.

That’s why I created the Aligned and Prosperous Academy to help real estate and finance professionals to be super clear on what kind of business they want to create, to help them build it in a way that aligns with their strengths and values, and to help them be more confident in their ability to create the business they want in a way that supports a life they love.

Are you willing to let it be easier?